Aug 21, 2019

The Grass Is Always Greener

All about that curb appeal.

Having a house for sale during the summer months may have one advantage - no snow covered lawns, or the brown season we go through during the spring. That green lawn definitely adds to the curb appeal because it (the general curb appeal) can often be a deciding factor on whether or not buyers want to see what lies beyond the front door.

Here’s some tips on improving your curb appeal while we still have some summer left!

Start with the Basics: One of the first things potential buyers will see is your driveway, and it is one of the easiest things for you to fix. Ensure your garbage and recycling bins are always neat and tidy, and keep an eye out for garbage and debris that you can easily clean up as it appears. Look for cracks in the sidewalk and driveway, and hire a professional to fix them up so guests will be impressed as soon as they step out of their car.

Be the Light in Their Eye: From taking the perfect selfie to making your home brighter, we can all agree that lighting is important. Not only should you ensure all light bulbs are working correctly, but make sure that your lighting fixtures are clean, stylish, and in good condition. If you have it in the budget, updating your light fixtures can have a large impact on your curb appeal.

Groom the Gardens: Not everyone has a green thumb, but even if your gardens aren’t the envy of the neighbourhood, you can still ensure they are clean and well maintained. Overgrown flowers and shrubs can be unappealing and turn away potential buyers, and taking care of them is simple. All you will need is a pair of garden shears and a little elbow grease and your yard will be in tiptop shape in no time!

Give the Lawn a Trim: There is nothing like an unkempt lawn to turn away buyers! Tending to your lawn is important whether you’re selling or not, but ensuring your grass is healthy and regularly cut will be a big key to your success. If you’re lawn isn’t quite as green as you would like it, you can also spray your lawn with a green spray paint that is created specifically for grass and is both non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Clear the Dirt! Over time, your home can build up a fine layer of dirt. Fortunately, it is easy enough to clear it off! Whether it’s a pressure washer or the strongest setting on your garden house, clearing off that extra dirt is an easy task for a lazy summer afternoon in the sun! Start with the sidings of your home, and from there take it to the sidewalks, driveway, and anything else that could use a bit of freshening up.

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659 Village Drive, Sherwood Park

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 3.5 Bathrooms
  • 1700.71 ft²

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