Sell your home


Evaluate your home

Call us and get a free evaluation of your home!

Establish a price

We will help you set the best price and time to sell your home.

Decide to sell

We provide you with all you need for this next step.



Learn how to present your home to appeal to buyers.


You will be guided through the paperwork to list your home.

Profile and market

We will use media and listing resources to show your home.


Review offers

We will help you review your offers so you know what is fair.

Accept offer

Let us negotiate so you can accept the best offer.


We will assist you with the paperwork for the sale.

Buy a home


Define your needs

Get what you want for your new home.

Get pre-approved

Our in-house mortgage broker provides 24 hr pre-approval.

Let us help you

We will help you find the perfect home for the right price.


Select homes to view

With our help, choose listings that work for you.

Tour possible homes

We will show you any homes that are listed on the market, by any realtor.

Choose a home

Shortlist your favourites and then select your perfect home.


Make an offer

We will negotiate and make an offer on your new home.

Complete paperwork

We will guide you through the mortgage and purchase process.

Get settled

We will help and connect you with the right people.

Find your new local amenities

Strathcona County is a young, successful and vibrant community that is set in the centre of Alberta's energy and agricultural heartland. We have highlighted some of our many amenities for your convenience.

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