July 7th, 2021

Making a Five-Sense Impression.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve managed to get nearly 10 listings sold to happy new owners. In fact, some of those even sold prior to being posted on MLS. Looking to list? Go with Goodchild.

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, home sales are up 256% across Canada, with 74,049 units sold in April 2021, compared to 20,799 in April 2020. And March 2021? Never in Canadian history have so many homes changed hands. That's a bunch of big numbers that tell a simple story: the market is ready for you.

I'm happy to announce my newly redesigned website! We've reimagined the listings page so it's easier for you to navigate and find a home that suits you. Buying, selling: you can do it all with Goodchild Realty Services. So what are you waiting for? My number is 780.819.0978. Call me today, and let's get started.

"Don't wait. The time will never be just right." - Napoleon Hill

Making a Five-Sense Impression

When you're listing your home, the best way to make a stellar first impression is by strategically appealing to each of the five senses:

1. Sight: Never underestimate the value of an immaculately clean space. You want potential buyers to identify with the space and easily picture their lives there.

2. Sound: Music has a magic way of influencing our moods and even our perceptions of a space. Pick a gentler, calmer piece of music that matches your home and the type of lifestyle you want to communicate to buyers. Classy, sophisticated, and tranquil, Chet Baker's I Can't Get Started is foolproof.

3. Touch: This one is a bit more awkward in the era of COVID-19, but there are ways you can communicate that you keep your visitors and their safety in mind. Consider supplying disposable gloves at the front door so potential buyers can interact comfortably with the space and see how it fits their movement.

4. Smell: This is a big one. The right or wrong scent can make or break a good first impression within the first seconds of a visit. Go for a essential oil diffuser over a scented candle: the aroma is more subtle and less divisive, especially if you go with lemon or another neutral scent. Make sure you start diffusing at least 30 minutes before viewers arrive so the scent has a chance to permeate the space, seeming as more of a natural element than a last-minute add-on.

5. Taste: Once upon a time, baking fresh cookies was the done thing for viewings. Post COVID-19, the idea seems a little outdated. A better solution is to offer individually wrapped treats from a local bakery. If this bakery is in the neighbourhood, the treats will do the double duty of welcoming your guests and promoting one of your area's many out-of-home attractions. It doesn't get more welcoming than that.

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Featured Listing: 330 50110 Range Road 231

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