June 22nd, 2022

3 Ways to Increase Your Curb Appeal

We all know that both the interior and exterior of a home come into play when selling, but did you know that curb appeal outside is just as important as staging inside? When your front yard is particularly eye-catching, it can increase the value of your home.

Here are three ways to increase your curb appeal.

1. Floral and Foliage

One of the easiest ways to drastically improve a yard is by adding flowers and other foliage in a complementary way, either in your front garden, in planter boxes, or with hanging flower pots. Try to fix those dead spots on the grass, keep it mowed, and remove all weeds. If you have any bushes, keep them trimmed and neat. Aim for as much greenery as possible with some pops of colour.

2. Fix Your Fixings

After as little time as one year, most houses begin showing signs of basic wear and tear. Check around the perimeter of your home’s exterior to see if there are any paint touch ups needed, lights that should to be changed, eavestroughs to be cleared, or windows that could use some cleaning. A minor facelift can take years off of your home!

3. Reduce the Pressure by Pressure Washing

One of the most satisfying and effective ways to transform your driveway, exterior stairs, or patio is pressure washing. Clearing that built up grime brings new life to your space and significantly brightens it up.

Maximize your curb appeal and you’ll take a big step toward maximizing your valuation.

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