November 23rd, 2022

How to Sell Your Home in an Albertan Winter

Many homeowners aim to sell during spring or summer, but most try to avoid winter. The warmer months tend to create greater curb appeal for photos and tours—not to mention the extra hassle of moving through the snow and cold. However, with our long Alberta winters, buying and selling during the colder months is inevitable. Although I will be by your side to work towards the quickest possible sale of your home, here are some ways to make it easy.


Proper staging is an enormous benefit year round, but can truly impact how quickly a house sells in the winter. By creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, you can establish an environment that immediately feels like home to a potential buyer. We recommend having as little personalized decor and keeping things as neutral as possible to allow potential buyers to picture themselves living there. Bonus tip: have the fireplace and some candles on during showings for optimal coziness.

Insulate Windows

Did you know that proper insulation on windows and doors can increase the value of your home? This can be a major selling point, because buyers often want a home that needs as few upgrades as possible. By investing in insulation, you can increase the price of sale, as well as expect a quicker turnaround. It will also go a long way towards making sure your home is nice and warm during viewings.


If your furnace is at the end of its design life, consider investing in a brand new one before you list. Take it from me—the state of the furnace can make or break a potential deal on a home. It will increase the value overall, and you can list “brand new furnace” as one of your home’s many selling features. Try not to worry too much about the cost—the increase in value could help you recoup the cost.

I understand the stress of needing to move during the winter, and I always try to make it as smooth and quick of a process for you. Call me at 780-819-0978!

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